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Dryer Repair Service

Being able to dry your clothes after they've been washed is an essential step in being able to wear them! When you're dryer is broke, it forces you out of the house to the Laundromat for hours when you'd probably rather be doing what you want at home. For a better solution, just call Westcoast Appliance Repair Services. We provide an over the phone initial consultation, which sometimes solves the problem, as well as in-home technician support to repair your dryer and get you back to reliably dry clothing. Whether you have a high-end, regular, or retro dryer, we can thoroughly diagnose and repair your appliance so that it functions properly, which allows you to function properly!

Dryer problems can include anything from your machine making loud squeaking noises to not turning on at all. If your clothes are still wet after the usual time it takes to dry them, or if your clothes have a burned smell on them after drying, then there is probably a problem with the heating apparatus inside your dryer. Either too much or not enough heat are both problems that can be fixed. But unless you want to end up in a pile of dryer parts on the floor, this is a job that is bested suited for a trained professional such as ourselves!

Whatever the problem is with your dryer, at Westcoast Appliance Repair Services we can provide quick relief to your ailing appliance. Our expert technicians are fully factory trained and state licensed, each averaging about 15 years of on-the-job appliance repair experience. Not only that, we work with a worldwide selection of appliances, from Europe to India to Asia, as well as all American appliances. Therefore, we have a diverse and comprehensive understanding of appliance diagnosis and repair, which makes us one of the most reliable and well-equipped appliance repair companies in Southern California. Whatever the problem may be with your dryer, give us a call and we'll help you to get it fixed!

With years of appliance repair experience under their belts, our seasoned staff provide you with amazing customer service, adding up to the quick restoration of your broken appliance. Our representatives are at the helm, waiting and ready to talk with you at any time about your appliance problems. We work 24/7 to provide you with quality customer care regarding all your appliance questions and concerns. And our in-home technicians are available to service your appliance any day of the week, including weekends.

Call or email us to discuss your appliance repair today!
The failure of your dryer is a huge inconvenience for any family.
It’s not like back in the day when you could easily throw your undies over the bushes or hang them on the line! Dryers, in general, are fairly mechanically simple, meaning that you can easily get years and years of faithful service from your machine. They just take a bit of maintenance and repair once or twice during its lifetime and you should be good to go. Rubber belts, idler pulleys, rollers, all WILL be repaired sometime, but it is no reason to throw the dryer out!
Licensed, insured, background, drug and alcohol inspected technicians are here for any dryer repair you might need in orange county.
If your dryer is:

Walking across the floor
Taking too long to dry
No heat
Too hot
Electrical smell
Error Codes
Clothes wet at end of cycle

Then you might need dryer repair from West Coast Appliance Repair!

Dryer brands we repair:
Whirlpool, Maytag, Bosch, Asko, Lg, Samsung, Electrolux, Fridgidaire, GE, Sears, Kenmore, Roper, Amana, Miele, Fisher & Paykel, Jenn-Air And all others!
West Coast Appliance Repair is factory trained and certified by most manufacturers for gas and electric dryer repair, in and out of warranty. Just give us a call for more information.

Shcedule Service

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What that means for our clients is that our technicians participate in regular training, hand-in-hand with the manufacturer or professional dryer repair seminars through United Servicer’s Association, to update our skills and product knowledge. Our partnership ensures that you have your dryer fixed right the first time!
Don’t wait! The longer you run the appliance when it is failing, it can weaken other components, which can make them fail too.
Fix it right, fix it fast! Call us today for service or schedule right here online, for your convenience.

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